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Nanosynergy Worldwide has developed and formulated the most technologically advanced nutritional products the world has ever seen. This Nanotechnology, “Nature is Nano” process, delivers vital nutrients to the body while maximizing bioavailability to the cellular level as nature intended. The Spray For Life products, a range of highly fortified nutritional spray products address the 40% of US adult population that have difficulty in swallowing pills, not including children and even elderly that have extremely poor absorption capabilities.

Nanosynergy Worldwide understands that the supplementation of vitamins, minerals, and herbs is a quick fix to a much greater problem, and is moving aggressively to work with the USDA in utilizing its patented Nanotechnology in producing specialized crops in hydroponic systems that will increase nutrients absorption, by simultaneously yielding much larger crops in less the time. This may now set a new standard regarding fruits, vegetables, and herbs, far above organics. This could assist in the prevention and malnutrition around the globe. These new products would then be made available in the countries in which they are needed, thereby stimulating the local economies well providing life-saving products at affordable prices.

Starting on January, 2022 in cooperation with Spray For Life® Foundation and the, Nanosynergy Worldwide will donate a month’s supply of a children’s multiple vitamin to a malnourished child in the US and around the world for any consumer who purchases any Spray For Life® product of their choice at retail.
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Our Founders Story

Russell Van de Casteele is a world renowned research scientist, chemist, inventor, product formulator, entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of Nanotechnology Sciences. Mr. Van de Casteele is the inventor of the patented NanoSynergy® processing platform. This was the first patented Nutraceutical Nanotechnology process filed in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. In addition, he has filed an international patent for the treatment of pernicious anemia utilizing this revolutionary technology. Additionally, it is patented for pharmaceutical products for humans and animals.
Mr. Van de Casteele founded Health Plus International, Inc. in 1997 and has assigned all the intellectual property to the Company. Since that time, the Patent has been licensed to NanoSynergy Worldwide, Inc., a 18 year old Company that specializes in Nanotechnology. Mr. Van de Casteele is also the founder of NanoSynergy® and is presently the Chairman, President and CEO.
At the age of eighteen, Mr. Van de Casteele was in the employment of Sanders Medical Research Foundation in Boca Raton, Florida  working with a Polypeptide for the treatment and potential cures of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease), HIV, MS, Herpes Simplex 1 & 2 and Parkinson’s disease.
Currently, he has developed over thirty of the most technologically advanced versions of Nano nutritional products the world has ever seen; an OTC oral (35mg.) and topical (100mg.) nano-Ibuprofen spray pain relievers, a natural alternative to psychotropic drugs called “Breakfast for the Brain”; a critical element for the treatment of tropical disease such as malaria and dengue fevers, as well as preparing to NanoSyze™ a powerful cancer fighter with amazing clinical study results, to name a few. In addition, our CEO is aggressively moving towards working with the USDA in applying the technology to crops, through a sophisticated hydroponic system that will set a new standard of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, way above organics.
Additionally, Mr. Van de Casteele received highly recognized achievement awards for marketing dietary supplements through various food and medical distributors both in the U.S. and international markets. Our CEO has been acknowledged for his technology through the Smithsonian Institute, The Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, The Woodrow Wilson Institute of Nanotechnology, The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), The Food & Drug Administration, New York Times, LA Times, Palm Beach Post, Nutraceutical World, Nutritional Outlook, Drug Store News, Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, Bloomberg Businessweek, Nanotechnology Now, and many other publications, journals and reports globally.
Our Company has been featured in the Hugh Downs National Medical Report, a 60 second Home Shopping Group commercial and a 28 minute infomercial by 02 Media. He was part of the Florida Atlantic University Research & Development technology incubator program in 2003 and had graduated from the incubator in 2005 to build a manufacturing facility consisting of the first national "state of the art" Nanotechnology R & D lab in South Florida. In July of 2017, Mr. Van de Casteele was awarded for "CELEBRATING 20 YEARS AS A TRUE PIONEER IN NANOTECHNOLOGY INNOVATION" as well as being registered in Who’s Who, as he is considered a leader in his profession because of the high level of his accomplishments and contributions in his field.
Mr. Van de Casteele is a dynamic, results-oriented leader, founding numerous highly successful and profitable companies with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. Our CEO utilizes keen analysis and insights combined with team development to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best successful practices. Superior interpersonal skills make him capable of resolving multiple and complex (sales, human resources, legal, financial, operational) issues and motivating staff to peak growth and performance.
During the last 30 years, Mr. Van de Casteele has been an entrepreneur and has served as Chairman, President and or CEO of nine companies in the private and public sectors. Our CEO is sought after by companies around the world for formulation development regarding new products and/or utilizing the NanoSynergy® Processing Platform to perfect an existing formulation they own. Mr. Van de Casteele is presently sitting on several Boards, including a pharmaceutical company. In addition, Our CEO is the Founder of the Spray For Life® Foundation (SPRAYFORLIFE.ORG), a major long term vitamin supplementation donation program to help malnourished children in the U.S. and around the world. He has licensed the Spray For Life® internationally trademarked supplement line name to INTENET, a non-profit public charity to establish the Spray For Life® Foundation as a sponsored project of the 12-year old 501(c) 3 organization.
Last and certainly most importantly, Russ on April 6, 1980 offered his life to God through his Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. He has been studying the Bible for over forty years, including Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Russ attended ministry school in 1984 in Israel and spent time traveling to many of the places Jesus had ministered. This son of God, gives his Heavenly Father, all the Glory, Honor and Praise for the above experiences and accomplishments.

Advisory Boards

Dr. Mason Diamond has served as NanoSynergy's Regulatory and Compliance Officer for over 10 years. Dr. Diamond has an extensive background as a biotech executive with industrial, academic and clinical practice experience encompassing medical device, pharmaceutical, and biologics development. He developed and managed clinical and regulatory programs across many therapeutic areas; including, regenerative medicine, in vitro diagnostics, wound care, diagnostics, orthopedics, and cardiovascular. As Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at TyRx Pharma, Inc., he secured three 510(k) approvals in two years, and established Quality System and obtained ISO ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003 certification in less than one year. 

Dr. Diamond served on several AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Association) committees relating to new legislation (involving Congressional interaction), new regulations, clinical study design, and safety reporting. Dr. Diamond served as the Industry representative on an FDA Device Advisory Panel, and interacted extensively with the FDA on both product development issues and educational workshops on multiple topics including regulatory designations (i.e., device, drug, biologic) and clinical trial design. Mason received his DDS degree from NYU and Graduate training in Pharmacology from St. John’s University, and has served on the faculty of NYU College of Dentistry and at the Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Dr. Elise Hillmann, MD., FAAD has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors from Harvard College and a medical doctorate from Washington University School of Medicine, in St. Louis. Dr. Hillmann completed her medicine training at the University of Cincinnati Hospitals, her dermatology training at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota and a fellowship in Dermatopathology from Washington University/Barnes Hospital, St. Louis.

Dr. Hillmann is a diplomate of the American Boards of Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Dermatopathology. She is also certified in Age Management Medicine by Cenegenics Medical Institute, Las Vegas. Dr. Hillmann is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and past Fellow of the American Society of Dermatopathology. She has had past memberships with the American College of Physicians and the American Society of Laser Surgery. She is also and member of the Harvard Club of the Palm Beaches.

She has volunteered to educate the public in several venues including Channel 5 “Ask the Doctor”, WJNO AM Radio, the Jupiter Medical Center Community Outreach program, the University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Health Care symposium,Admiral’s Cove and Ballen Isles. Currently, she has a solo practice in Dermatology and Age Management Medicine in Jupiter, Florida

Dr. Lise Lambert, MD, brings a wealth of much desired medical knowledge to our Scientific Board. Dr. Lise has been working with Mr. Van de Casteele since 1995 performing blood analysis on her patients assisting in evaluating the best form of delivery based on her results. This allowed him the ability to determine the most effective way to deliver his formulations via a spray. Originally educated at the prestigious University of Montreal Medical School, Canada, Dr. Lise’s thirst for medical wisdom has led her inquisitive mind to many varied medical disciplines. She was first trained in pediatrics in Canada, and then she studied phlebotomy (blood conditions) to try to unravel some of the mysteries of obesity, which is of epidemic consequences both here and in Canada. Dr. Lise also liked the drama of the Emergency Room, where she was challenged by the fast pace life and death trauma of saving lives. In 1984, she bought a family practice from a retiring physician and quickly built it up to a mammoth practice with over 4,000 active clinical files. Then she went into a part time regime so she could raise her three children and participate in their lives.

In Canada, she was an esteemed member of all the recognized medical organizations while she worked not only in her own practice, but was also affiliated with Ste. Justine Hospital, where she did her daily rounds. In the United States, where she moved in 1992, she was a staff physician at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Emergency Department. Dr. Lise also worked for South Florida’s Cleveland Clinic, and Imperial Point Hospital, before settling into a permanent position at the Holy Cross Medical Group, at the Galt Ocean Mile in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
At NanoSynergy Worldwide because our present main endeavor is NanoSyzed®, spray vitamins and other health related products it is crucial that we have such a recognized health professional of our board for the guidance and insight that Dr. Lise brings to the table. We are much appreciative that she has agreed to add her credentials to our Board of Scientific Advisors.

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, PhD is a rocket scientist turned consumer product expert. She earned her PhD in High Energy Particle Physics at UCLA, and as a product development engineer she innovated products for companies such as General Electric, General Motors and Hughes Electronics.

Business TV and Radio Guest Expert
Dr. Nat is a leading expert, often quoted in the press and provides commentary as a guest on radio and television on how the top companies provide great experiences and retain loyal customers as well as how sometimes companies completely miss the mark on providing great experiences as well as how social media is changing business as we know it.

Applications like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and online customer communities have put the power into the hands of the consumer, leaving companies at a loss for how to retain brand equity, how to interaction in these new channels and the affect of social media on their bottom-line business. Dr. Nat's recent research on the application of social media to customer service may be the tipping point for businesses to take Web 2.0 as a serious IT application that can literally transform a company, its customers, it culture and the bottom-line. And she’s developed an ROI model for customer service social media.

Quoted Expert
Dr. Natalie’s research has been highlighted in cover stories in business publications like Business Week, New York Times  and USAToday as well as in technical publications like CIO Magazine,, CRM Magazine, Pepper and Rogers 1-to-1 Magazine, InfoWorld, ITWorld,  and

As an international speaker, Dr. Nat is also often asked to also share her thought leadership by speaking at conferences including: Enterprise 2.0, WOMMA, Forrester Consumer Forum, Forrester IT Forum, Forrester Business Technology Forum, Destination CRM Evolution Conference, ICMI, Call Center 2.0, SOCAP, Pepperdine’s Business Forum and Shared Insights Customer Self-Service Conference as well as vendor User Conferences.

Dr. Natalie is the author of four business books on customer service, CRM and contact centers as well as author of dozens upon dozens of articles, white papers and research.

Executive Consultant and Advisor
Dr. Natalie provides guidance to CxOs, IT, CRM, chief customer service officers as well as customer experience and contact center professionals. She brings extensive knowledge in helping organizations understand their customers’ changing needs and the bottom-line value of acquiring and retaining loyal customers in a very competitive marketplace. Her research, founded on being the voice of the consumer, focuses in two areas. The first is by representing consumer expectations and experiences and the second is by helping companies to create customer experiences that create magnetic brand loyalty.

Dr. Nat looks at a company’s product or services (the benefits vs. their features and functions), as well as, how a company provides customer service—i.e., whether that customer service experience increases the customer’s opinion of the company or creates bad-word-of-mouth. Customer-centric organizations have the opportunity to dominate the market place; those that aren’t may not be in business in the near future. That’s because, in the minds of customers, customer experience and service is the innovation they most desire.

Dr. Nat guides companies to create the foundation for customer experiences that lead to higher revenue and profits. That includes defining the exceptional customer experiences and then choosing technology that delivers on that promise. Additionally, Dr. Natalie helps company’s set-up customer experience initiatives for success, by including change management as an integrated part of the project management schedule and plan. With concrete change management tasks and deliverables that reduce slips in scope, timeline and costs, Dr. Natalie guides  companies to increase the initiative’s ROI and provide executives with the accountability needed to reach shareholder goals.

Elisa DiFalco, MS,OT,CLT-LANA: Your lymphatic system, which is the main detoxifier of your body, is critically important to your health and survival. Ms. DiFalco is one of the premier experts in the world on the proper functioning of this vital process. As founder and director of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Institute of Wellington, FL, she is recognized as the global expert in this important medical field.

Ms. DiFalco’s advice and counsel is sought after by hospitals, doctors and health departments throughout America. Manually manipulating the lymphatic system is crucial and often over looked by our present pharmaceutically orientated medical system. This ignorance is to the severe detriment to many patients whose health can be easily restored by this simple drainage system known since Biblical times. Ms. DiFalco has made it her quest to restore this knowledge to modern medicine. An Academic Ace, Elisa has graduated Cum Laude from all 4 higher educational institutes that she matriculated. Presently, she is a teaching professor at 6 colleges spreading the gospel of MLD. Besides from an extremely active teaching venue, including weekly seminars at her own educational institute, she is a prolific author of many published articles in prestigious journals. Ms. DiFalco has also hosted and guested at numerous radio and television programs as the resident expert in the field and problems of lymphedema.

Ms. DIfalco has been the recipient of many major awards, fellowships and grants in her field. She is especially proud of her involvement with the Florida State Massage Therapy Assn., where she feels she can do the most good by teaching the manual drainage techniques to the widest group that will utilize this life saving modality to the most patients. Recently, her name has been proposed for Board Membership to the Florida Department of Health. Ms. DiFalco is a priceless addition to any board that she represents.


Dorothy Gay (GiGi) Vela, Ph.D.: Stockholder of Health Synergy. Keen interest and invested in wellness and nutraceuticals. M.S. and Ph.D. from University of Nebraska, MS and BA Michigan State University. President: Wright Southern Corp in Delray Beach FL, 15 years. Advisory Board Interactive Media Solutions Inc. NY., Board of Director and Chief Financial Officer: Peace Research Foundation, Ft. Lauderdale, Board of Director Creation Studies institute, Ft. Lauderdale. .Holds teaching credentials in Florida and California for K-12 and University level teaching.


Robert Smith, Strategic Business Consultant, is the founder and President of The Genimation Group. He is a successful entrepreneur, as well as an extraordinary national public speaker and trainer. For over 20 years, he has specialized in assisting businesses to realize dramatic increases in sales and profits through the design and implementation of outrageous, nontraditional, and complex, entrepreneurial marketing.
Mr. Smith has achieved extraordinary success in more than 165 major industries throughout the world and has in-depth experience in developing successful international, national, and regional marketing programs. His Genimation™ based marketing programs have increased sales for companies around the U.S. by over 200% while maintaining 15%-25% profits.
His most recent success as joint venture owner and President of The Aurium Group Inc. achieved over $ 189,000,000 in new sales volume in just 2.5 years in the NYC marketplace. He puts his money where it counts.

Mr. Smith has had over 400 sell-out national marketing seminars. He has always stressed the importance of creating highly unique and extremely powerful marketing that is different from anyone else in an industry.
He is a professional speaker, facilitator, and trainer for many national associations and Fortune 500 firms. He is a recipient of many national marketing awards and is registered in Who’s Who as a marketing leader in the industry. He is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, Society for Marketing Professionals, American Marketing Association, Venture Capital Club of the Rockies, and Past President of the CEO Connection.

Jack Foley, has recently been an integral part of a group that is funding a project in South America in excess of $2 billion. This project will take a 3rd world country and introduce 21st century technology the residents have never had before. The country is rich in minerals and through a Joint Venture will be able to build infrastructure such as roads, water sewer, airport, housing, cities with shops, banking facilities, port for large ships to dock and mining plants for oil and gold. The most important aspect is to be able to train locals in classrooms as well as on the job. This way they’ll be able to take over those jobs shortly. The other piece that fits well is we’re looking for new innovative technology that will enable this country to thrive. Using green companies as well as nanotechnology we’ll make them a much healthier country.

Mr. Foley is part of a company named World Class 360 and is the Director of Membership, which includes networking members within the group to help grow their businesses. In this organization there will be companies seeking funding, angel investors, business development and networking capabilities worldwide. Mr. Foley has 30 years of skill that include sales and marketing, problem solving, ability to help companies find angel investors and a great desire for excellent customer service. Mr. Foley is goal oriented with a desire to execute the project and loves being an entrepreneur. He thinks outside the box when others are stumped.

Mr. Foley is also a Partner as well as the Director of Operations for Heritage Labs Green LLC since 2006. Along with devoting his full-time efforts to SW1000 Mr. Foley worked on Wall Street for twenty-seven years. In October of 2000, Bear Stearns had relocated Mr. Foley to their Boca Raton office. He was a Vice President and worked with hedge funds, money managers, portfolio managers, risk management and filtered that information to his superiors in New York. Bear Stearns closed their Florida operations in 2004. One day after being laid off Mr. Foley started Foley Consulting Group, LLC. Along with some former personnel they were able to consult with financial institutions on their business and ways to improve revenue. Mr. Foley developed a reputation as someone who could be trusted and would execute a plan to enhance customer’s bottom line. In 2006, Mr. Foley worked for Levitt Capital Management. It was a privately held investment firm where he managed $400 million of the families money.

Mr. Foley spent 2 ½ months in the summer of 2010 where he successfully presented SW1000 at the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Response Summit in Mobile Alabama. Among the attendees were representatives from BP, US Coast Guard, EPA and various local business owners. They were impressed with SW1000 that it was included in a presentation as an environmentally friendly solution to Governor Charlie Crist. Those relationships still flourish today and include hazardous waste, municipalities and local business owners.




Since I have been using the Spray For Life B-12 spray I have felt so much more energy! I use the treadmill every day. Sometimes, I have to use the treadmill at night and have been tired before I start. I have sprayed B-12 and after a few minutes feel so much more energy.

This product has also greatly helped me in my ministry, as I travel so much. It has provided so much extra energy as I minister to so many people. It is truly an outstanding product! My wife has used the product too and it has greatly increased her energy.

Taking this product is so much better than having to take B-12 shots. It also gets into the system so fast as you spray it into the mouth. I highly recommend this product! God Bless!"

Rev. Walker